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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 4, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> david, you're allowing us to end on a positive note, so thank you for that. we wish you the best of luck. and also, rod, thank you for joining us. it was a really good show. and a big thank you to all of our cnn i-reporters for showing us how real people are doing. if you want to become part of the i-report community, just logon to and get started. we'll see you right back here saturday morning. but let's you a check of the top stories in the cnn newsroom. cnn saturday continues right now. you a check of the top stories in the cnn newsroom. cnn saturday continues right you a check of the top stories in the cnn newsroom. cnn saturday continues right now.t you a check of the top stories in the cnn newsroom. cnn saturday continues right now. you a check of the top stories in the cnn newsroom. cnn saturday continues right now.op stories in the cnn newsr. cnn saturday continues right now. good morning, everybody. earl seems to be in a hurry to get on out of here. the storm is getting weaker. it's moving out, but it could still cause some problems for your labor day weekend. we'll explain. also, a state of emergency in new zealand today after a 7.0
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earthquake, major damage reported, major damage we can see in the video, but no reports of deaths. good morning to you all. 10:00 a.m. where i statistic here in atlanta, georgia. from the cnn center, this is your cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. so glad you could be here with us. also coming up, muslims are getting the word out trying to sway public opinion with a new ad campaign. we'll talk to the man behind the message. also, this is something you don't see every day, current and former gang members holding their own news conference to criticize the police. are the gang members now the victims? we'll be talking to a former gang member this morning. sxhoo also, the disappointing unemployment numbers no doubt bringing hand wringing at the white house, but the president has a message of hope. you'll hear that ahead. but first, let's talk about it storm. earl was a hurricane, it's tropical storm now p about it's weakened, still there's a severe
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weather threat. canada's atlantic provinces are now dealing with the remnants of this storm. it's done graded like i said to a tropical storm status, but delivering still heavy rain, driving winds in nova scotia. at one point it was a category 4, went to a 3, then a 2, and it's pretty much broken up now, lost a lot of the steam as it was spinning northward, relatively cool waters in the atlantic ocean, but the storm still could make landfall this nova scotia where people are watching and waiting. >> we're beginning to get some rain, but before that, there was to rain at all. the winds certainly getting stronger. >> back here in the u.s. at least, people up and down the east coast dodged a bullet a lot would say, but now they're wondering what about my weekend? it's the holiday weekend. three day weekend. reynolds, how is this going to affect people not necessarily weather-wise, but there's something else they need to be watching out for. >> kind of indirectly.
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when you see these big storms approach, the wind picks up, the rain really comes in, in this situation, the storm is moving out, but it is going to be leaving a little bit of a calling card behind which could cause some problems for your holiday weekend. let's tackle first what we have with earl. earl is getting very cho to nova scot scotia. the eye still jufst hovering of the center of circulation. the latest path we have for the national hurricane center is right here before your eyes. expected to make its way to the north crossing right over into bat ton bay and dying off sunday into monday and then it will vanish into history.on bay and into monday and then it will vanish into history.on bay and into monday and then it will vanish into history.ton bay and into monday and then it will vanish into history. what it will sleeve shind is a threat with swimming. it could leave pretty rough surf conditions along the eastern seaboard. we might be having some issues in this area in terms of rip currents. certainly a possibility. but i'll tell you although that's going to be a threat from, say, maine south to
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florida, conditions are look pretty good especially in parts of that. we is a live image. let's show you what we've got. this is daytona beach, looks pretty good there. now let's go on the other side, the gulf side, and in clearwater, things look picture perfect. we've had so much issues in the gulf of mek compaof mexico, but fantastic. the weather should be okay. maybe a few stray showerses in parts of florida, but for the most part beautiful weather across the nation. >> that's a lot different from what we've been talking about for the past several days. great news. reas let's go to susan candiotti now at cape cod. a place that thought it could get a direct hit, but it looks lovely at least for right now. >> reporter: oh, i didn't, thankfully tropical storm earl stayed out at sea.
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t.j., good morning. it is sunny, but it is as you can see very, very windy. going up to 80 degrees here. take a look at the beach out here. this is chatham on cape cod. gorgeous, buear barely a ripplee water. all of the public beaches are reopening as long as they have lifeguards available and back on duty. but they did clock the highest tropical storm-force gusts here in chatham, 58 miles per hour last night. beautiful now, gorgeous now, but it was a mess last night. take a look. what happened to your car here? >> i was just driving down and it stalled out. >> reporter: did you not see the high water here? >> you can't see nothing. >> reporter: now what are you going to do? >> wait until the morning. it's trying to start, but it just won't. i usually drive a truck, you know what i mean? >> reporter: you can see it's halfway up the wheel base here and i see you have your companion over here. is that your dog?
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>> yeah, lilly. >> reporter: all right. well, good luck. not a great night to be out by any measure. look at the wake caused by that pickup truck going by. it's a mess out here. very few cars out on the road. they should not be out on the road. but it's a bad rainstorm. here at one of the marinas, you can see that most of the boats here have been tied down and secured so that they wouldn't be bouncing around during high waves. about doesn't seem to bad right now, so there doesn't appear to be any damage at all due to the tropical storm. for the proud residents of yarmouth, they're the ones that clocked the highest gusts of 58 miles per hour. not chatham.state of emergency
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is being lifted here in the state of massachusetts. everything seems to be getting back to normal and hotels especially, the tourism industry, happy about that as they try salvage what they can out of this labor day weekend. back to you. >> probably a good sign if they can make light and compete over who got the highest wind gusts. so that's probably a good thing. susan, we appreciate you as always. we'll turn to new szealand new. this strong wake hit around christchurch, it was centered near that town, the second most populated town in new zealand. there is major damage to report. you can see in some of this video just how much damage is there. we also have power outages and trouble with the water mains, as well. but amazingly despite the pictures you're seeing and a magnitude of that wake, no deaths to report. and also not a lot of injuries to report either. just a couple of serious injuries, but the rest just a few bumps and bruises. so despite the pictures and how
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many damage and the strength of that earthquake, it looks like they escaped unscathed at least as far as the human toll goes. coming up here, there's a group that wants to introduce to you a muslim. >> i'm a new york city firefighter and i responded to 9/11. and i am muslim. >> that is just part of a new ad campaign from an islamic group trying to get its message out. we'll talk to one of the directors next to hear about exactly what they are trying to do with this ad campaign. it's eight past the hour here on this cnn saturday morning. announcer: if we all lived here we wouldn't have to worry about what's in our water. but most of us live here. so we need the brita pitcher. for healthier, clean tasting water.
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next week we want to you climb an bob board the cnn election express. i'll be heading out next week as we kick off our special coverage here, our political coverage of the mid materials. next week we're hitting the road with cnn election express covering the important races. and hitting a lot of the battleground states next week. you can see me along with glorngloria brn george erran george e er borger and john kin. tune in all day for our live reports from the road. we're right back. tune in all day for our live reports from the road. we're right back. tune in all da reports from the road. we're right back.
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the ninth anniversary of 9/11 is a week away and the anger and mistrust over a proposed iz hammic center and mosque near ground zero getting personal for many muslim americans. they're afraid some people are getting the wrong idea about e muslim faith. so the council on american muslim relations launched a national ad campaign to challenge that. the message is that muslims are americans, too, and 9/11 happened to us all. >> shalom.
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>> the prophet mohammed said -- >> jesus said do unto others. >> as one loves ones self. >> love your neighbor as yourself. >> one's faith is not complete. >> he wishes for his brother what he wisheses hfr- >> ones self. >> the ability to practice our religion fp. >> if we don't have our rights -- >> is at the heart of american freedom. >> you don't have your rights. >> shalom. >> peace. >> joining us now, the legislative director. thank you for being here with us this morning. like i mentioned at the top, we're a week away from the 9/11 anniversary. do you feel that when we get to that moment, people will come together next week and we'll see cooler heads prevail? are you a trade that possibly with the anniversary emotions will be inflamed even more? >> i think there's two competing narratives and it's our great hope that we will see the narrative that talks about
10:14 am
coming together and interfaith understanding and that projects the best ideals of america forward to the world is going to be the one that prevails. so far we have seen a lot of hate, but frequently when we see a demonstration depends a mosque, we'll see a counter demonstration that involves many more people. so that gives us a lot of confidence and hope. >> and i want to roll another ad now and we can watch and i'll continue talking to it, but let's roll that and i want our viewers to see this. and i'm putting it up because it's an illustration of what you guys were going for here in these ads. there were so many of the people that you did choose to focus on that they can don't look muslim, if you will, compared to what you think -- or some people might think a muslim should look like. now, was that kind of the idea in some of these ads? >> well, i think it's really important that we go beyond stereotypes. the message here that you see the ads conveying is that
10:15 am
muslims look just like every else. they're going about their lives just like everyone else. and the key thing there is that 9/11 happened to us all. al qaeda attacked the quund. m united states. muslim were there responding to the attack. we know of at least 32 american muslims that were among those murdered by al qaeda on 9/11. and it's important in this emotional moment that everyone remember those simple facts. we're all in this together. >> i know that message there, that line, nim happ9/11 happene all, how important is that visual? >> remember that most americans were introduced to islam watching an airplane hit a building, which is a tragedy and a visual that will take many years to overcome because it is not the islam that i was taught, it is not the islam practiced by the overwhelming majority of muslims around the world. so it's time for our fellow
10:16 am
citizens in the united states to see some of the counter narrative to that which is being broadcast by extremists. and that counter narrative is we're just like everyone else, 9/11 happened to us all. >> as you said, it would take years to combat the narrative. so many people introduced to islam on 9/11 seeing the planes go into a building. given like you say it's going to take some time, do you now feel -- and i've talked to members of c.a.r.e. before and know your stance on that islamic center, but given it will take so much time, do you feel that maybe now is not the right time for that particular center so close? i don't imagine you all will change your stance, but just playing off exactly what you said. >> well, i think right now it's gone beyond that center and into the broader issue of what is the role of rehinge i don't know in the united states. first of all, the constitution guarantees religious freedom and the constitution is never going to be subject to opinion
10:17 am
polling. i don't think the american luz pim community wants to be the community that leads the way this allowing the constitution in being subject to that. and i also think that we're very understanding of the family members, of the victims of 9/11 and our hearts go out to them, but we have to remember that al qaeda attacked the united states on 9/11. islam and muslims were not a part of that. we never will be. we reject al qaeda's ideology. and we just recognize that it will take time for that message to sink in. >> cory, we appreciate you, again, the ads are out there now. people can certainly see them. we'll be seeing them in several places. but we appreciate you coming on. always good to talk to you guys. talk to you again soon. enjoy the rest of your weekend. 17 past the hour. as we saw now with the numbers yesterday, unemployment is on the rise. bad news out there certainly for a lot of people looking for work. also bad news politically at
10:18 am
least for the white house. maybe a lot of democrats who are heading towards the midterms. the president says, however, that more help could be on the way. we'll explain. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested.
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21 past the hour here now. we got the unemployment numbers yesterday and we saw a jump in the rate in august from the previous month. it's up to 9.6% now. but there was good news in the report. private sector added jobs. president obama had this message on the numbers. >> as i've said from the start,
10:22 am
there's no quick fix to the worst recession we've experienced since the great depression. the hard truth is that it took years to create our current economic problems. and it will it will take more time than any of us would like to repair the damage. millions of our neighbors are living with that painfully every day. but i want all americans to remind themselves this this are better days ahead. >> that new jobs report says 14.9 million people are unemployed. the number doesn't take into account, though, people who have given up looking or as nary snow reports, people who are underemployed.ary snow reports, people who are underemployed.mary snow reports, people who are underemployed. >> reporter: richard crane didn't know it would be this tough. yes, he's found a full-time job after getting laid off, but he's underemployed. he now earns $16 an hour at lowe's. he couldn't find work that used the skills with the work he had
10:23 am
at a unit of general motors operating heavy machines. there he earned as much as $130,000 a year. >> over time people used to make, you know -- it's not there. it's not there. it's not. i see it every day. i see it every day. what are we going to do? it's america. where is our jobs? >> reporter: in his new job, crane has taken a pay cut of almost $100,000. he's struggling to keep his house and provide for his son, now 14, and his wife, who is battling cancer. he's given up second jobs to spend more time at home. his story of taking a job below his skill level is all too familiar, but it's harnlargely untold. >> i can't hazard a guess on what percentage of the labor force is facing that right now,
10:24 am
but we do know that it's sizable and it's really impacting families. >> reporter: heidi is a labor economist with the economic policy institute who says what is measured are discouraged workers who have given up actively seeking appointment and part-time workers looking for full-time jobs. and that amounts to an underemployment rate that stands at 16.7%. while she expects the labor force to recover to pre-recession levels, she says the effects of losing a job have a lasting impact. >> so people like richard are in the situation where they're likely to face that earning hit that can last for decades. >> reporter: and for richard crane, his goals are forever changed. >> when i was working for gm, i was looking forward to turning 56 and retiring and, you know, maybe try doing something else or even going until i'm 62. now we're just -- there's no real plan.
10:25 am
our plan is to get from month to month. >> reporter: mary snow, cnn, hazardous l hazlett, new jersey. >> we can pass on upbeat news on the job front. josh levs here with that. >> i was surprised by some of the numbers that we saw yesterday. we've been talking a lot about veterans of iraq and afghanistan wars having a lot of trouble getting jobs, even more than the national average. which is why i was stunned by this yesterday. i think we have a chart that lays it out for you, but the basic idea is that unemployment among people who served in iraq and afghanistan have been up near 15% earlier this year. it's been in the 12s and 13s. and then this comes out yesterday and it's a little over 9% now. that is a big drop in unemployment for our nation's veterans, those who are the most recent veteran, those serving in iraq and afghanistan. a little bit of good news right there. that said, unemployment is still way too high for everyone, including for veterans. it's a sign of the times that
10:26 am
i'm seeing 9 pn.4% as being a g thing, but the trend is there. we also can't read too much in to those latest numbers. we'd like it believe that more members of our military are managing to get jobs. but because of the way they calculate these thing, it could also mean that more people have given up looking for work or it could be a statistical anomaly. what we need to do is look in the coming months and see if indeed more are manage to go get jobs and that would be very good news. now, there's a few things you should know about that i've got on my screen behind me and that's what's going on in congress to try to help people who have been serving who are home now looking for jobs. there's three things going on right now. one is a work opportunity tax credit, business folks out there, pay attention to this. if you get $2400 for hiring veterans, $44 o$4800 for hiring
10:27 am
disabled veterans. and two things that have not passed yet, a veterans employment act and another is an educational assistant act who are l. he will help members of military, translate skills into practicable skills that will work for all sorts of jobs. so we'll see how well that does in congress. last thing to tell you, if you are one of he's people and you are a member of the military who is home now, a veteran looking for work, there's a handful of websites that can help you a lot and i've posted them at facebooked a twitter. josh levs cnn. i have the links all set up for you. if you have a loved one home who is a veteran looks for work, a series of websites designed especially for this that group. so short version, it's good news in these numbers about if they continue to pan out and obviously we all hope that they will. >> josh when he was flevs, some report there.
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poverty. indeed one of the most powerful objects ke obstacles to getting a good education. for one cnn hero, it's an opportunity to change lives. >> in cambodia, some children come to school, but not very regular because the family needs to have them in the farm. the school is free, but they don't have any money. how can they have the money for uniforms and supplies. >> i have the children to go to school. the education is important for me because my father was a teacher. my father was killed.
10:32 am
it if we tried to study, we could be killed. my soul always go to school. at the beginning i got only one girl. after that, 40 children. and now 2,000. after several years, i see the change because they know how to read and write and they borrow the book from our library to read for their parents. i need them to have a good education to build their own family, to build their own country. my father, he has to be proud of me here in heaven and in my heart. to learn more about how you
10:33 am
can help out, be sure to logon to right now, there's a nurse saving a life in baltimore. 20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference things are starting to return to normal in beautiful
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cape cod. these pictures, though, this is a little something different they saw yesterday. tropical storm earl was a hurricane yesterday, tropical storm now, but it had an impact in this area, some roads had to be closed, some power outages to report, as well. but it looks like more so today when they do have beautiful weather, a lot of people want to get out and enjoy the beach for this holiday weekend, but, reynolds, they need to be warned. >> they really should. how amazing is it, moments ago we had that sllive shot with susan. looks like a beautiful weekend. let me show you what the storm is doing in nova scotia. we have video that just came in. the wind is really picking up, the rain still continues to follow on those places in the ocean, very choppy. that's pretty close to harbor there, but farther out to sea, i can guarantee you the waves are a lot bigger. especially on much of the eastern seaboard. but as the storm surges
10:35 am
northward, it is going to be again better conditions in some places, but what t.j. was talking about, rip currents, that can be a big problem up and down the eastern seaboard from maine to florida. sustained winds 70 miles per hour gusts to 85, moves northeast at 30 miles per hour. the center of the storm located near the cape. but the center of circulation just there, you've got many showers, a few storms popping up right off this, the heaviest rainfall moving well to the north. that's the good news. bad news again as we were talking about, you've got the residual effect of what can happen when these systems tend to move out, you can have some really rough sur f. rip currents a big issue. and the way they owe secure when you have a great deal of water being forced toward the shore, the water has to go someplace. it comes back rather quickly, it forms channels right along parts of the beach. those are your rip currents. if you get pulled into it, it can be a scary mess.
10:36 am
i can tell you conditions farther south in that, you might see a few stray showers here and there, but this morning in daytona, it is just beautiful. let's take a shot. you see the white caps off the islands, the beautiful horizon. a couple of hotels here and there, people going out to make the most of this holiday weekend. on the other side of the sunshine state, we take you over to clearwater, florida, where the conditions are beautiful there, too. you see a few clouds popping up across the landscape there. now, if you happen to be on the beach this morning in a place like clearwater or daytona, maybe gainesville for a football game, conditions there for the florida gators playing miami of ohio, it's going to be 90 degrees by late afternoon, maybe a few few showers. al ban bam and san jose, 81 degrees for kickoff.a ban bam a degrees for kickoff.ban bam and degrees for bam and degrees for kickoff.n bam and s degrees for kickoff. bam and sas for kickoff.bam and san jose, 8 for kickoff.a and san jose, 81 s for kickoff. i give you 100% chance of pain,
10:37 am
i'm thinking. and it's hot going not going to arkansas. it will be for tennessee tech. >> reynolds that's why we love him. appreciate you. thank you, kind sir. coming up, a news conference had a lot of people scratching their heads. we saw it in chicago and it put crime and violence in one of the nation's most violent cities back in the spot light. >> is the mayor going to be held accountable for all the corruption that happened under his watch? is superintendent going to be held accountable? >> it's it actually the gang members who set up this press conference. they're pointing the fingers back at the police and city officials. it's 37 minutes past the hour. there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight?
10:38 am
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40 34i7b9ds minutes past the hour. no doubt there have been far too many dying violent deaths in chicago. the problem has been well documented over the years. listen to this, nearly half of the city's homicides this year have been victims between the ages of 17 and 25. the city earmarked $30 million in stimulus funding last year to help 1200 at risk students in it schools. and listen to this, as well. there have been more than 250 murders in chicago this year, of that number, at least 57 of the victims were teenagers. chicago police held what they called a gang summit. they told gang leaders do something or else. they told them they're going to end up with a full-court press, a crackdown on gang leaders. but in an unusual response, gang leaders held their own press conference. a press conference from the gangsters, if you will. they say they're being unfairly blamed for the violence in the city.
10:42 am
listen to ben bradley from our wls. >> i can't controlle what's going on out there. people killing for any little thing. >> reporter: in this man admits to being an influential member of the unknown vice lords and he was one of the men ordered to attend a meeting at garfield park of alleged gang leaders. >> people get in their way, they handle what they got take handle. >> reporter: a group of gang members telling the media to fire back. >> is the mayor going to be held accountable for all the corruption under his watch, is the police superintendent going to be held accountable for all the corrupt copses that kill young black men? >> reporter: the group includes some who claim they've turned their force into good. now they want city money to pay for their violence prevention plans. >> they've given an ultimatum, quit it, instead of an
10:43 am
alternative. >> innocent people are still being killed. if you got the solution, this shouldn't be any dollar amount attached to it. >> people will be calling press conferences and being angry and being mad and being worried about -- it says sounds likes's working. >> reporter: as for this gang member, he left the meeting with police mad but also having heard the message loud and clear. >> they say i'm going to be blamed for it i got to tell them no shoe, no killing, none of that, because i'm going to be blamed for something they're doing, so i got to get the word out that we can't have this in my area. they're saying i'm a gang leader, so i can't be held accountable for someone else doing it, so i got to at that time message out there and let them know because i'm going to be blamed for it if they do it. that's what he said they sathey. >> reporter: so i guess the meeting worked. >> it worked for me. >> he says the meeting with the cops worked at least for him. 60 other cities have held similar talks between cops an gangs. most showed some success. will it cork in chicago, though?
10:44 am
the windy city has been plagued with violence. there have been more than 250 murders so far this year. we've got more than 4 and a half months to go. more than 60% of those 250 plus murders are gang related. here with us now, a former gang member, wallace bradley joins us. mr. bradley, we appreciate you being here. what is the definition in your eyes at least of a gang? >> a gang is a group of people that meet soecialbly and regularly. that's why it's not a crime to be a member of any gang, whether it's congress, fraternities, 100 black men. you name it. >> now, would you -- >> but what -- go ahead, i'm sorr sorry. >> i was going to ask, a lot of people have in their minds, when you hear about gangs, street gangs in particular, are you telling me you don't believe
10:45 am
that criminal activity is associated with gangs, at least the kind that we're talking about on the streets of chicago? >> no, that's not what i'm saying. what i'm saying is this bare fact. their anti-sociable behavior and cripple activity in everything from the police department to congress to street organizations to fraternities and sororities. >> surely you're not trying to equate a street gang with a fraternity. yes, you've got knuckleheads in every little group you might have. but surely you're not equating a street gang to it a group of kids in in a fraternity or a police department or anything else. is that what you're doing? >> what i'm doing, t.j., so that we don't get cloud and confused is saying that anyone that did not stand up as universal body
10:46 am
to help stop the violence in the streets of chicago is divisive. when the reason that we called the recent conference on that date is because our president was meeting with people in the middle east and depending on who is calling who, they both are known or have been called careless. and innocent people have been getting killed in the middle east. so if the president and the secretary of state wanted to sit down with them to stop the violence, it is wrong for anyone to say that the mayor and the superintendent of police doesn't have a right to talk with gang leaders and former gang leaders and members to stop senseless shootings in the city of chicago. >> i don't think anyone is opposed to that. we've seen other programs like this work with other police departments in cities across the country. what people were shaking hathei heads with, why would the gang members be claiming that they are being treated unfairly by
10:47 am
police? >> because, first of all, the spri super intendent didn't have to trick those individuals in to a room. they would have came if they felt there was a meeting for them to come and say we don't have nothing to do with that violence. first of all, when larry hoover and jeff forth has sent message it is to the streets, it's been all in the media that they said since this shooting hinge must stop, the regular women and children must stop, and the disrespect and robbing of seniors must stop, all he had to do was say i welcome what larry hoover and jeff ford are saying and everyone else, they're saying that violence has to stop and all the people who don't listen to the leaders of the city, whether the mayor, the governor, the police -- >> mr. bradley before -- >> wait a minute. we need to know who these
10:48 am
individuals are that's saying can't nobody tell them to stop the violence. >> mr. pl brbradley, so much of violence according to the police are because of the gangs themselves. how much do you believe the gangs are responsible for? >> first of all, that's why we called the press conference, okay? the police department is known for sweeping anything -- anytime a child, a black child, or hispanic child has been killed, they sweep it up under guns, drugs and gangs and they don't investigate -- >> mr. bradley, you can telling me gangs are not responsible for a lot of the problems on the streets of chicago? >> i'll tell you criminals commit crimes. gangs do not commit crimes about. >> are criminals in the gangs? >> and i'm telling you -- criminals are in congress, too. >> are they in the gangs? okay. we documented congress long ago. we're talking about gangs right
10:49 am
now. criminals are not in gangs? >> criminals are in gangs. gangs are a part of congress. so you can't -- >> oh, mr. bradley -- >> you've got criminals that may be a part of your organization. >> mr. bradley, okay, i was trying to discuss ganks here. mr. brad i lrks i'm going to have to let you go here. i got to let you know. mr. bradley, i got to let you go here. but you brought up the superintendent there, the police chief there. the spring te we did ask for for a statement from the chicago police. we did not get one. we asked them to come on here, as well, with us. if we get a statement, we'll certainly pass that along to you. but, again, according to police there in chicago, 60% of the homicides have been committed by gang members. a quick break. we're right back.
10:50 am
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the pain of fighting in afghanistan and iraq is far from
10:53 am
over. for thousands of injured american troops, brooke baldwin spoke with a recovering soldier. >> reporter: taliban strong hold, one of the most dangerous assignments for u.s. troops and dan's new home. one month into his deployment. >> people were ambivalent at best and outwardly hostile most commonly. rocks and thumbs down, middle fingers up. >> reporter: from his first mission outside the wire, he realized every day had the potential to be deadly. >> my very first mission, i watched three ieds go off in succession. so it was like, hey, game on. this place is not friendly. let's try to keep ourselves off the road as much as possible. >> reporter: to keep off the road, soldiers would stick to dirt trails, even orchards. that's why his platoon was
10:54 am
patrolling on august 18th of last year. >> we heard an explosion. >> reporter: an ied had been triggered and soon after, another. two were killed. dan had to hold the area so they could search for the bodies come daylight. and as he was walking down a trail, steps from his compound, another blast. >> i don't really remember a sound or a flash. i just remember a pressure. but immediately i knew what had happened. and the next thing i know, i'm opening my eyes in a bright room in the icu here at walter reed. i didn't even understand the gravity of my injuries. >> reporter: who told you, the doctor is th doctor? >> they tell you, but it doesn't sink in until you have the clarity to lift your sheets and look. >> reporter: dan's left leg amputated above the knee.
10:55 am
his right at the hip. a year after the attack -- >> it's a bit frustrating. i wake up every morning and i go maybe it was all a dream and i think about just swinging my legs over the edge of the bet and hop manage to the shower, but so far it hasn't come true. so then i just go, oh, crap, back to that. >> reporter: here at walter reed dan knows pain is the price of progress. ask his physical therapist, his recovery is faster than anyone predicted. >> time wise, i think it's remarkable. from the very beginning, he's been one of those guys that he gets frustrated and he's determined to make it work. >> reporter: dan is taking his rehab step by step. and as he remembers that day in afghanistan, this georgia native says he wouldn't have wished it any other way. >> quite honestly, if it hadn't been me walking through those orchards in afghanistan, it would have been some other 5-year-old. really i have no regrets. i think it was worth while.
10:56 am
>> reporter: no regrets? >> yeah, no regrets. and i pause because it's kind of -- i have to double check in my head. but, yeah, i've thought about it quite a bit and i really don't think i have any regrets. >> reporter: on what's next for dan? he told me he really has to take his recovery there at walter reed day to day. he does hope to get on graduate school, possibly get his mb afternoon. and if you want to learn more about dan, his brothers maintain this pretty thorough blog with pictures from christmas, from when he's met the president at walter reed, even to meeting jon stewart. but he would tell yyou that he s lucky to be alive. coming up here, a major earthquake in new zealand. the country's second largest city is hit and now they are cleaning up today. but the amazing part, we don't have deaths to tell you about in this rubble. we'll detail it all for you. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance.
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